What 2021 has taught me

What 2021 has taught me

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I am taking you for a walk today on the streets of Edinburgh where I moved just before the beginning of 2021.

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In my previous videos I talked about making New Year's resolutions, I said that it is good to make some resolutions because if you manage to succeed in some things like becoming a better friend or spending more quality time with family, or getting a new exciting job.

If you had written that as your goal for that year then you really can feel more satisfied, like your achievement is validated more. One of you said in the comments that “When we set real goals we can achieve things. Goals about work, studies, a course, health. Everything that is based on working to improve ourselves as human beings” that is well said my friend.

Today I wanted to summarize my year in terms of life lessons? What have I learned? The reason I want to talk about that is probably to raise awareness because I really observe that some people really don’t learn anything.

They repeat the same things, say the same things and they not only don’t listen to others, they also don’t learn.

And I learn and base on that I grow stronger and more self aware as a person. I value myself and my time and I believe in myself and I have dreams.

Year 2021 was very difficult for me, just before Christmas and another lockdown in the UK - literally I entered the UK on the last day before the borders were closed! I moved to Edinburgh, got a job, bought a house, changed a job… lots of good things happened but also there were bad things which I don’t talk about here on youtube. I don’t want my videos to be negative so just to be honest here I want to say about a lesson I learned last year that in my life there is no space for liars - It was the most disappointing discovery that people close to me had lied to me and I can’t trust liars.

Lesson learned, let’s move to. Another lesson is that life is really short and fragile, I just got to know during Christmas about the death of a person we knew… I hope you did not have a similar experience but if you had, you for sure will appreciate every single day like I do.

You know, there is a book written by a nurse who recorded regrets of people dying - do you know what people regret most before they die?

On the top of this list was: “I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me”.

I think that this we all should take as a great lesson, especially after hard 2020 and even harder 2021. Live your own life and let others live their life - this is an important lesson I think.

Another lesson is to look after my physical and mental health. I have a sitting job and met during my career lots of people with back pain or shoulder pain. My work is not only one reason for me to stay healthy but it is extremely important to keep your body fit. It serves me so well and deserves to be treated well. And the state of my mind, the way I sleep can have a huge impact on my life.

Health is really important but lots of things like being fit, things we eat, having healthy choices is up to us, health is not something we have or not, health is your lifestyle. I made at the beginning of 2021 a video about mental health if you are interested to watch - lack of sleep, not spending time outside, stress, toxic relationships - all of these have a huge impact on our mental health - please reflect and improve your wellbeing.

For inspiration this is what Marcus Aurelius said: "The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts." In 2021 I discovered power-naps - this is what people know as siesta. My work is very demanding and I discovered that even a 15 min siesta energizes me for the rest of the evening. A 15 min nap is a really great thing to do - I recommend it.

Acceptance - in 2021 I realized what it really means to accept and be accepted and how huge an impact that has on my life. Accepting who you are and what your values are is one but being accepted by family is significant - without acceptance there is no communication with others.

Climate change is a real thing - well, I knew that already but 2021 has taught me that we people need to take more actions, pressure politics and government because global warming has a huge impact on our life, health and the future of our children is under question.

Actions speak louder than words - this year I for the first time actually started to look at people by the things they do, what their actions are. You probably have people around your family of friends who can say many nice words, they talk about their good intentions and how they care for you but then you discover that there are only words and they don’t do anything, they are only talkings.

I learned this year to not only listen but most of all, to do things, I am a man of action. To be honest I am not a person who talks a lot but this year I learned to pay attention to actions because just talking is not enough. Take actions, do things in life, make things happen instead of talking about them.

Another lesson I learn thanks to Youtube - staying in your comfort zone is no productive but pushing myself outside my comfort zone and make for examples vlogmases really has given me many lessons. First of all that you people are amazing and supporting, that community really matters. We discover with Monika that sharing our passions for life and our interest in society really gives us many positive feelings and you - our audience - appreciate that.

We also learn that we really like working together with Monika. Well, we knew that before but 2021 we both worked from home and we still enjoy spending time together like going for our lunch breaks for walks or caffess. And even after spending all day together we still make youtube together - I think that this is a great feeling.

This year's lesson is that we get stronger every year as a couple and as a team and we understand each other better. And I wish all of you to have a “partner in crime” like I have.

I hope that my lessons inspired you to look back at your year, how things have been for you, reflect what your values are and what lessons you learn from crazy 2021.

Remember to be kind to yourself, try to learn about things around you and take positive things from that, don’t judge others, just look at yourself and what kind of person you become in 2021.. “Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.” I think this is a great quote to summarize this video, stay healthy people, adios!