Job interview - 5 most common questions and answers

Looking for a job is a job itself. You need to keep looking for job adverts on many platforms like LinkedIn, Job agencies etc. You need to write your CV and ideally adjust to every single advert you send it.

This process is exhausting already but the most important thing in searching for a job is preparing yourself for a job interview. Today’s talk I am presenting to you 5 most common questions and answers asked during the job interview.

These questions are most basic yet answering them with the right mindset can distinguish you from many candidates. That's why it is important to prepare these answers beforehand.

I have worked in many countries and I have been to many, many interviews in my career and today I will share with you my experience and give you my answers - of course altered that way that can apply to any position you apply to, to make it the most useful for you.

Because I believe that every person should have a job like they deserve and dream to have and my mission is to help you to achieve that.

Question 1: Tell me something about yourself

This question is purposefully vague and can be tricky but there are no good or bad answers to it.

Remember who you are and what kind of position you are applying for.

Try to focus on you from a professional point of view or tell about your interest or passion if that is what you think can be interesting and definitely distinguish you from other candidates.

My introduction is: I am an experienced, passionate and dedicated software developer, who has been working in many countries. This is always taken as an advantage and makes my interviewer interested in myself.

Think what can distinguish you from others, any project you worked on or students exchanged, etc?

What you need to remember is to be sharp and short - like elevator pitch - do you know what elevator pitch is?

Tell me about yourself question is always asked, especially in the first stage of the interview process. My advice to you is practice it, say it out loud in front of the mirror, be short and clear and to the point.

It could also come when the interviewers are introducing themselves and then is your turn, then this is your opportunity to say what you have practice.

Question 2. What made you want to apply for this position?

The purpose of this question is to demonstrate how much you fit into this position and what you can bring in this role. So read carefully the job description and tell how much experience you have, what skills you can bring to the team, technologies you are passionate about and the path you want to follow in your next step in career development.

I say these things, the most important thing for me is technology and people. I have experience and I want to work in a company with a similar mindset as mine. That way I demonstrate that I have thought about this position already.

You can also say about the company benefits like maybe working remotely because maybe now you must go to the office or that this office is closer than your present one.

Yes, that is honest and is not bad - what is inappropriate is mentioning that they sucked you, your current boss is an idiot and the atmosphere in your job is horrible.

If those are the real reasons for you to change a job then keep this information to yourself.

Never, even if you already change a job don’t say bad things about your previous job or colleagues - it is not professional and people may easily think that you might talk bad about them behind their back.

Question 3. Why do you want to work here?

Similar question to previous but not really. In previous questions you focused on your skills and development and now it is your chance to add to that how much you actually know about the company.

So research well, check their business and pick maybe one or two details you want to tell during the interview to make a good impression and let the employer know that this is a great job.

If this is a job in the office, tell them that you love a hectic office environment, if it is in a cafe you are applying for then tell them that you love coffee and this is something that makes your day and you want that joy to serve to others. Something like that :)

It depends what the company does but for example in the educational sector I would say that I would like that knowledge and education should be available to everyone. My knowledge and experience would help to achieve this.

If it is the health sector I would say for example as a nurse I care for people and I would like to see a better world, etc.

If you changing for finance say that this is exciting sector and you see many career developments and this is important for you.

You got the point right? Tell something positive about the company and how that matches your experience and expertise.

Question 4. Why are you leaving your current employer?

They always ask this question and be careful what you say about your current employer because what you are actually saying is about yourself. Like question nr 2 When you answer this question, pay close attention to how you talk about your former job.

We have lots of reasons to change a job, one can be that it is time to change because you worked already 1, 2 or more years and you feel that there are no more career developments. Maybe you got bored and feel stuck? - focus on positive language and always pay respect to your current employer.

My example: My current employer is great but I was promised something else, like a career development or working in a different team - that way I also say that I want to grow and learn new things and I don’t want to comfort myself in a safe zone. You can say that they new policies do not adjust to my needs, etc.

Question 5. What career accomplishment makes you most proud?

This question is important for both sides because your future employer wants to hire someone who focuses on performing well and is proud of his projects.

For you it is a chance to talk about your projects and solutions, this is about your career accomplishment in the highland. For employers, by asking this question they see you and then they can better understand who you are at work, how determined you are and what your priorities are.

My example is that I developed software which scrapes Google - scrape is a kind of bot imitating a person giving search results. So key search results pulled from that software were a core product, bringing my company lots of profits.

It’s good to give numbers in this case like how much profits that brought, how many sales if you know that, but in my case important was the software I created and maintained.

That is 5 of the most fundamental job interviews you will be asked in every job interview. My advice is to prepare yourself well, write it down, practice with your partner or friend. There are many questions during the interview which can surprise you, but these 5 shouldn’t, so master them.

Adios gente!